Empathetic Coding collaborative session at the Innovation Hangar, July 21 2016, San Francisco

Refinary29, Transmedia SF, Learn Do Share SF, and the Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab at the School of the Arts are pleased to present an Empathetic Coding collaborative session.

What is Empathetic Coding? Is it coding for good? Is it creating more empathetic technology by teaching empathy? What are the frameworks for exploring and teaching empathetic coding?

Wanted hackers, coders, storytellers, designers, makers & futurists

Results from this session will be made available and released through the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab, and Learn Do Share SF under an open creative commons license.

Thursday, July 21st
10am to 1pm

The Innovation Hangar
Mezzanine area
3601 Lyon Street
Palace of Fine Arts Exhibition Hall
San Francisco, CA, 94123


For more Information please contact Maya Zuckerman at maya@transmediasf.org

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